it was fun. it was

i spend yesterday and in previous time of my life

expecting something to come fast and put me in paradise, as Martin said

but i know it will definitely come

in this range of time, i was played by the light of fireflies

their beauty,their abstract pattern, their sound

the sky’s view when they’re flying around at night

like a moving stars

“don’t you wanna fly with me?” one of them asked me

“but i dont have wings” i replied

“just close your eyes, i’ll take care of you” it said

“oke” i agreed

i cant believe, i can fly

the wind touch my face, my hair, my skin

we fly together night to night

i dont feel tired although

i turned to something so tiny and fragile

one night i asked to it “how can i get back?”

“to where?” it asked back

“to be myself before you changed me” i explained

“you cant be the same as before, dear”

“what do you mean?” i worried

“happiness always have a risk, a risk that make you broke”

“how much the risk?” i asked

“depends on how much the love, the bigger the love you gave, the bigger the risk you will get”

“i understand, we will be happy like this forever right?”

“thats the only thing i can guarantee” it answered me

one day i woke up, opened my eyes, and i felt wrong

im back to what i am before and im all alone, where did they go?

did i do something wrong?

i looked for them everynight

i got nothing but

it is right, i will never be the same again

so i tell myself

stop being so weak

stop being like a root which always try to find a source of water

stop pretending that you’re doing fine, cause you’re already fine in every way

stop acting like you were a hostage in your own mind

life in this world is not about competition, it’s about being thankful for whatever the sky gave you.


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