Batam-KL Itinerary for Budget Traveler (Rp 600.000)

Unexpected trip happened at the end of 2016, begin with my friend asked me to joint this trip but I really had a doubt I would take, here is why KL didn’t attract me that much, it doesn’t have any nature attraction to me, it is a metropolitan city but it was not well developed like Singapore (I have been to Singapore), sure it is a better city than mine but it is just confusing what will a budget traveller do there unless there is a special event, like New Year for example.

Since New Year 2017 is coming, I had a reason to spend money for this, because it would be such a waste if I didn’t. I was lack of preparation, I put some clothes and things in my bag the night before, my friend set it all, the ticket, the transportation, the guide (my friend’s friend who work in Johor), and all that shit we had to do for travelling. Alright, for now everything is going smooth, this is going to be a fun trip, fun.

We bought our ticket two days before 31 Dec 2016 (Price-IDR 280.000) and the night before we booked 06.30AM boat to Johor, It means we had to be there before 06.00AM. It would be from Harbour Bay (Batam, Indonesia) to Stulang Laut (Johor, Malaysia) and took at least two hours of boat ride. You can get the ticket at Harbour Bay Batam look for Marine Hawk Office (located not in the mall, it is inside the port building or you can ask people around) their operating hour is 09.00AM-09.00PM.

In the morning of last day of 2016, they late for 30 minutes, it made me a bit pissed off like “really guys? I tough it was always me who had stretchy time here”, it was not a good sign tho, getting pissed off in the beginning of something, it is some kind of bad luck, punctual habit is really important especially when we are travelling, because we have no idea what will happen, because “shit happened”, because it can help you a lot, trust me. Luckily fellas we didn’t miss the boat, thanks God.

Our arrival in Johor is at 09.00AM, I know, it was late, there was maintenance for the boat, please don’t mind, it was for passenger safety right? Safety first. After 15 minutes of waiting at the arrival gate, our Uber Driver came, along with our friend (supposed to be the guide). At the Johor bus terminal we looked for ticket counter to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the counter price is RM 35.0, so we decided to buy from the guy around who offered us RM 32.00 (he is called Calo in Indonesian), but hey, it was cheaper, so why not.

I was shock, It would take  4 hours trip from Johor to KL via bus and 30 minutes rest, it could be more than 5 hours include with all possibility. I read Kahlil Gibran’s translated novel Broken Wings (sayap-sayap patah) and fall asleep 30 minutes later, woke up when we were there at the rest stop for half an hour, maybe I slept one and a half hour, then had 3 hours more before arrival and spent that time switching my eyes between the book and the window.

Ok cut off all the drama , below is the whole itinerary :

  1. Getting the boat from Batam – Johor
  2. Having 5 hours trip via Bus to Kuala Lumpur
  3. Search for Uber to get to the Hotel (Valencia Hotel)
  4. Do body cleaning and put our stuff first
  5. Heading to Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower via Uber
  6. Enjoy the last hours around the Twin Tower while waiting for the fireworks
  7. Get back to hotel via Uber , this was really an , what should I say, embarrassing and yet inspiring. Its thousands of people there from around the wolrd searching for a cab. We have 2 hours fights over a taxi (our Internet was having troubles) and finally a very kind Pakistani Family who live there for a long time help us to get Grab Taxi before that no one would help us, we ask so many local people, but none of them give a sh*t. A little advise if you have to travel to KL and get lost , please ask people who don’t look like local people.

    Thank You, aww such a sweet family


8. In the morning of 01 January 2017 we took the same route as we came there, but we stop at Batu Cave just to admire the beauty and took pictures.

Super Coach Bus Ticket, you can get it in TBS Terminal


actually this article is for sharpening my English vocabulary and grammar, if you find out something wrong with my writings, please feel free to comment.


See you ya,





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